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Subject: [Leica] race night
From: Harvey.Arche at (Arche, Harvey)
Date: Wed Apr 19 16:36:33 2006

Many Thanks to everyone who has viewed, and responded, to the last couple of 
posts. Its nice to have informed eyes seeing stuff that otherwise lives in a 
Don, the guts of your advice is that the easiest way to take pictures of 
strangers is to make them not be strangers. Comping prints fits the plan of 
springing the $40 pit-ticket cost a couple of times until I can both get the 
close shots, and deliver them. Then, hopefully, I can get put on the 
gatelist as a tradeout. These people are NICE.
Didier, I think about using a 50 instead of a 35, but I don't trust my 
focusing skills to sacrifice the DOF shooting wide open. We'll see; the 50 
worked well at the r'n'r shoot. Also, the broader social context is 
important to me.
Philippe, I developed those pictures in PS ;^).  Actually if you wonder 
about film processing, I'm the wrong person to come to. Do what I do and ask 
The Man. Daniel put me on to Xtol 1:3. BTW, Daniel, whenever I'm not stuck 
for time and tank space, I'm sold on the half-empty tank agitation technique 
you passed along.
Rob, it was a big Busch cup event the same weekend at the Super Speedway 
that got me thinking about going to the races. But the the tickets were $32 
for the cheap seats, and I somehow knew it would be too big a spectacle (and 
way too commercial to my taste) for a newbie to deal with. I bet there is a 
small track close by for the weekend warriors. The beauty of this is that 
for these people, the race is as much about being a pretext for the 
surrounding social scene. I imagine rodeo is the same way. 
And Sebring, ah! Sebring. If there is interest on the list it might be an 
incentive to do something I've put off since I bought a scanner, and that is 
dig out my Dad's kodachromes from the 50's. It would be on topic since he 
used a IIIf & elmar 50 rig. In those days the track was only on the other 
side of the hay bales. I wouldn't be able to tell, but I bet there are shots 
of Fangio & Moss.  My first kodachromes were taken there in the early 70's 
(still on topic), and I may have shots of the Steve McQueen race.

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