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Subject: [Leica] race night
From: Harvey.Arche at (Arche, Harvey)
Date: Tue Apr 18 17:54:19 2006

OK, so I was born very much to the South, and my parents made going to the 
races at Sebring an annual get-away-from-the-kids event (a sign of coming of 
age was when I got to go along) and I've always loved fast cars. Now I'm 
sitting on an AARP card. You'd think that surely at some point in time I'd 
been to a stock car race, but no, I've always snooted it. Until last Friday 
night. Music City Motorplex. This is sub-Busch league, mom & pop, inner 
city, 1/2 mile oval racing, and it was fantastic - I kid you negative. 
Even to a first time visitor, there is an immediate impression of community. 
Whole multi-generational families, and parents dropping of groups of 
pre-teens with no worry that anything might happen to them. People all 
seemed to know each other. And everyone was extremely welcoming, 
accomodating to a newcomer with explanations, and open in conversation 
without being condescending, even though I obviously didn't fit the pattern. 
Hell, the track announcer came up and introduced myself to me, but that 
might have been because of the German jewelry.

I haven't tried narrative reportage before, so here are two brief stories. 
The first is self-explanatory: a young man's first win;

The second could use some backstory. The fellow who won this race has been 
doing it for longer, but not as long as his 65 year old Dad, who came in 
second. Dad had kicked Jr.'s butt in the qualifying race.

Picks, pans, and editing advice?

I think I'll be going back.

Tech Blab: M2, 35 summicron w/bugeyes, neopan 1600

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