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Subject: [Leica] Re: Apple laptop keyboards
From: jbm at (Jeff Moore)
Date: Thu Apr 13 09:06:37 2006
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> I meant to post that myself.  I started with a Kaypro, because the  
> keyboard 
> was a true clone of an IBM Selectric, big return key and all .   The 
> computer 
> looked like Air Force surplus something, but it was magic.

Darned Kaypro.  It was one of several factors which helped shovel dirt
on the coffin of the Osborne, which I'd previously adopted.

In later years, I developed a real fondness for Northgate Omnikey Ultra
keyboards, and included one with each of the many homebuilt Linux boxes
I bolted together for myself and others.  My last spare (patched into
the computer with a big-AT-to-PS2 adapter bandaided to a USB adapter)
finally started acting a mite flaky just last year.

I did finally find a decent (if not old-IBM/Northgate quality) keyboard
for the Macs I've migrated to as my desktop of choice: the Kensington
StudioBoard.  Keys with that nice tactile feedback as the mechanical
keyswitches click.  A hint of the rattling roar of the classic IBM
keyboards as you type.  Annoyingly, though, this keyboard has already
become scarce, but a decent alternative exists in the Matias Tactile

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