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Subject: [Leica] Re: Apple laptop keyboards
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Thu Apr 13 04:49:20 2006
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Sonny, for some reason your response jarred the neurons I've been trying to 
kick-start for the past couple days, and I was able to remember who made the 
guts of that Kaypro keyboard, and a number of other good ones: Keytronic! 
And speaking of writing on the Kaypro - when a number of us at Newsday 
bought them, a friend who would eventually become the paper's computer 
writer and I fiddled with WordStar - remember WordStar? - and came up with a 
loadable set of commands so that the keyboard was reasonably close to a 
clone of the paper's Atex system (the original, thick, Atex keyboards were 
great). We were, for abt. 5 minutes, convinced we'd make a fortune somehow 
marketing the fix, along with stick on key lables, but as it was really 
someone else's software, and was short lived, it was not to be. :-)
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"But the  best computer keyboard ever had was that with the Kaypro -any 
"Kaypro  owner/users out there? CPM LUGgable with, as I recall, a pair of  
"floppy drives. Metal case. Weighed a ton. And what a great  keyboard.
"I meant to post that myself.  I started with a Kaypro, because the  
"was a true clone of an IBM Selectric, big return key and all .   The 
"looked like Air Force surplus something, but it was magic.
"I was helping edit a book that was being written on a Kaypro.  I was  so 
"impressed, I went out and bought one myself.  Still remember driving  with 
"who wasn't even walking yet to the computer store.  He's 21  now.  
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