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Subject: [Leica] Re: Touch typing keyboards
From: rdcb37 at (Rick Dykstra)
Date: Thu Apr 13 01:29:08 2006
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If you want to have some serious fun with a two finger typing friend  
at work, pop a couple of adjacent keys off the keyboard and replace  
them the wrong way around.    Sit back and enjoy.  :-)

On 13/04/2006, at 4:58 PM, Emilio Perea wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 12:52:53AM -0400, Rei Shinozuka wrote:
>> who made the dastardly decision to shanghai the Control-Key from its
>> place next to the "A" down to the useless position near the bottom
>> left and put in its important place the useless caps-lock key?
>> i recall the dec vt220's could be bought with either "right" or  
>> "wrong"
>> keyboard configurations.  i don't understand how anyone can use
>> emacs or vi with the wrong-way control setup.  the escape key should
>> also be just left of the "1" key.
> I'm pretty sure it was IBM, but don't remember on which model it was
> first perpetrated.  Toshiba kept the old layout on their laptops  
> longer
> than most, but after a year or two of offering swappable <Ctrl> and
> <CapsLock> keycaps, they accepted the unconditional surrender.
> A few weeks ago I indulged myself with an Avant Stellar keyboard
> This is too expensive (by non-Leica standards), but it uses the old  
> Alps
> key switches that IBM used to use and all keys (except for the right
> Ctrl) are programmable.  A key puller and replacement <Ctrl> and
> <CapsLock> keys are included.  So I put the <Ctrl> and <Esc> keys  
> where
> they belong, and then got carried away and moved a few more keys  
> around
> so that now I'm not sure where <`~> ended up.  Oh, yes, right where
> right <Alt> was...
> BTW, as a vi user I don't understand how people can use emacs with any
> keyboard layout whatsoever. :-)
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