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Subject: [Leica] Re: Touch typing keyboards
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Tue Apr 11 18:55:32 2006
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At 05:47 PM 4/11/06 -0700, Gary Todoroff wrote:
>Rei - YES - Somebody remembers! The IBM 3270, mostly made in the 1960's was
>the absolute pinnacle of keyboard technology. I remember room-fulls of
>data-entry clerks pounding the keyboards of those machines. Each unit was
>the size of an office desk and several together made quite a symphony as the
>solenoid feature sounded back with a crisp but soft 'boink' with each

I'm not certain just where this thread is headed, but I will cheerfully
confess to owning an old Smith-Corona from the 1940's which still works
magnificently and it is an oddity as the type is Italic.  That was my
typewriter throughout high school, back in the Red Dog Saloon era.

The original keyboards for PC's were silent but the typists hated these, as
they were silent and they were accustomed to IBM Selectrics and
Wheelwriters and had trouble adjusting to silent typing.  Thus, keyboards
made from around 1984 onwards have a click built into them.  Damn but I
wish I could find a SILENT keyboard -- that bloody clicking forces me,
during lengthy phone calls, to restrict my personal multi-tasking to
playing Solitaire but, with my first PC, I could let the yahoo rattle on at
length while I typed away and occasionally grunted to make the other side
believe I was listening to them.

I have an ultra-cheapo Micro Innovations keyboard on the computer I am
using at the moment.  It comes with dished keys.  I recall paying $12 or so
for it a year or two back at Staples.  In the old days, we'd disassemble
and clean a malfunctioning keyboard but why do so now?  It is simpler to
toss them and go buy a new one.

On those occasions when I am sober, I can generally fire up to around 120
wpm on WordPerfect while the best I ever did on a manual was 60 wpm and on
a Wheelwriter 75.  Some progress is for the good.  A couple of single-malts
under the waistcoat, now, and my speed falls off a bit, I fear!

Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!

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