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Subject: [Leica] Caution - Grandkids
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue Apr 11 16:31:14 2006
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Tina Manley showed: two beautiful grand children. :-)
Subject: [Leica] Caution - Grandkids

 > I babysat with my grandkids last weekend and managed to get a couple
> of photos.  These seem to reflect their personalities at the moment.
> We brought Bennett back a coonskin cap from the Alamo:
> And Sophie was pouting because she didn't want to go home:
> This one is soft because I focused on the hair blowing in front of her 
> eyes.  Too soft?

Hi Tina,
Young Bennett in the coon skin hat is wonderful, it reflects a kind of 
little devil in him. :-) I bet he's a handful when he's on the go.:-)

Now Sophie is truly a beautiful child photograph! No question it's a 

I didn't even re-act to anything being soft as I saw it as one of those 
beautiful art type you see in Vogue or a high-end child's fashion magazine 
of that type. It's the look and the slight softness you mention that gives 
her that "high fashion look" seen with adult models.

The expression is classic, imagine trying to get a child to pose with that 
look? Not a hope! And the few strands of hair blowing, that's what's 
complimenting it to look so different.

I would imagine that's a very saleable stock photograph you could split the 
income with her for a university education fund, as I did with my grandson 
playing baseball.

I had jokingly said to him when he was a little guy starting in T-ball games 
and as he progressed through teams and ages, any pictures sold of him 
playing we'd split 50-50 sort of as a joke. However, a shot of him when he 
was about 12 years, I was paid $6000.00 US for the advertising rights to an 
action photograph of him.

And the first thing he wanted to know was..... Yep, you bet! "Grandpa when 
do I get my 50%?" ;-)

Tina it's just simply beautiful, a wonderful photograph to enlarge and hang 
at her home or yours.

I'd like to see an 11X17 print matted and framed and I bet it would make 
people gasp at her beauty and expression. Well OK maybe they might relate a 
bit to your ability to capture it. ;-) ;-)


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