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Subject: [Leica] Two more for comments
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue Apr 11 13:39:13 2006
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Joe Leung showed
Subject: [Leica] Two more for comments

Hi Joe,
Good it looks like you took the advice from everyone on Saturday evening to 
post more! ;-)

The kite.
Kite pictures trying to show the kite flyer and the kite are one of the
toughest photographs to cope with and make a good picture. WHY?

Well the kite is away up in the air and flyer is on the ground and rarely do
they get close enough together to make something out of it visually. As you
have here with the fellow sitting and flying his kite high.

Maybe a tighter crop might help?

Turn the picture into a tall vertical. Crop the left side to just include
the litter can. Then on the right come into just eliminate the tall bushes
in the background. The top edge would include the kite and a tiny bit more 
sky. The bottom I'd crop it off at, there's a brown leaf from the bottom 
sort of to the right corner, crop the leaf out straight across.

Now with the sides & top-bottom cropped as explained it might work. Because 
it tightens the content forcing the eyes to see man & kite only! It takes 
out the distractions.Certainly worth a try.

In this way you isolate the flyer sitting down, rarely does one see a kite 
flyer sitting as this chap.  Also it adds to the effect of the kite. But 
without the cropping there are too many distractions ... people running on 
the left taking eyes away from the kite & guy as well as the tall bushes 
right background also take away from the kite in air.

Quality Time.......

I like the feel in this, but again a slight crop might make it more 

Crop the bottom off up to just clearing the rock formation tip lower left 
corner. Yes it makes it look maybe a bit dangerous where the man is sitting 
but it makes for a better composition. And the lighter rock area as a 
distraction in the same corner is gone.

Now that's my opinion, you may not like it.


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