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Subject: [Leica] Re: Touch typing keyboards
From: dcm at (David C Mason)
Date: Mon Apr 10 16:19:14 2006
References: <> <> writes:

> <<I've always wondered at how technology makes such huge leaps over 
> amazing distances and forgets the 
> toothbrush. Computer keyboards are another example of a high level of 
> ergonomics at the brochure level. 
> Thirty years ago, IBM keypunch machines had a feature that is now lost - 
> the "F" and "J homekeys were 
> dished in deeper than the other keys. When PC keyboards came out, my 
> fingers were lost, and I did not 
> know why. Looking carefully at the old keyboards, I discovered that 
> without conscious effort, my fingers 
> naturally fell into the home keys. Why would such a useful feature 
> completely disappear from all modern 
> keyboards?>>
> Gary,
> Apple computer keyboards have little pips on the home keys. Obviously some 
> people at Apple still touch type. 
> Stangely enough, the newer keyboards for the PPC and MacIntels have the 
> pips on the F and J keys, while 
> the older keyboards have the pips on the D and K keys.

I just miss the amazing racket old IBM "clicky" keyboards used to make -
I loved those things - you knew what your fingers were doing.


- Dave

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