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Subject: [Leica] kelly's day in geneva photo essay
From: walt at (Walt Johnson)
Date: Fri Apr 7 10:59:43 2006
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You have lots talent, imagination and a style of your own. That is 
certainly something much  more important than anything else. If 
tomorrow, Cutie Kuric or some other sweetie-type pie was on the air 
singing the praises of "dog butt" photos it would sell. Next, "dog 
butt"  photos would be in demand. Art gallery owners would scour the 
countryside to discover new and exciting "dog butt" masterpieces and 
their makers. Wealthy art supporters would soon corner the market on 
'dog Butts".  If your were fortunate enough to have spent your career 
looking through a viewfinder at "dog butts" then you could laugh all the 
way to the bank.

If you really want a good laugh take a look at the self-promotion ads in 
the back of Black and White Magazine. "Fine Art Photographers" indeed. 
Hell, I have four little fat-assed dogs at home. Maybe it's time to do a 
bit of "dog butt" work myself. When the dog market loses ifs luster 
perhaps we could improvise? Besides an ass load of dogs I have many 
cats. Call NBC and let them know about the thrilling new discovery in 
art photography. "fuzzy fat pussies"!


Kyle Cassidy wrote:

>these are exactly the sort of photos that leave me banging my head wondering
>how i could have gotten so removed from art so as not to get it. i flip
>through book after book, stare at egglestons, and i just can't figure it
>out. all the serious galleries seem to be hanging photographs that co-opt
>many of the things that i've tried to purge from my own work -- stark,
>lonely snapshots that i wouldn't give a second look to were they in a pile
>of discards outside the wallmart, seemingly random images taken by seemingly
>random people. obviously kelly knows what he's doing, he has a boat load of
>awards and his presentation is lovely -- but i'm lost, out of touch, and i
>don't even have an idea where to turn to figure it out. i suddenly feel ...
>very old. 
>and i wonder if some magazine editor said "we'd like you to do a bunch of
>photos in the style of these" -- i don't know if i could. maybe that's the
>secret i'm missing ... maybe that's it.
>-- confused in america
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