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Subject: [Leica] kelly's day in geneva photo essay
From: KCassidy at (Kyle Cassidy)
Date: Fri Apr 7 09:33:03 2006,DanaInfo=www.kellymcerl

these are exactly the sort of photos that leave me banging my head wondering
how i could have gotten so removed from art so as not to get it. i flip
through book after book, stare at egglestons, and i just can't figure it
out. all the serious galleries seem to be hanging photographs that co-opt
many of the things that i've tried to purge from my own work -- stark,
lonely snapshots that i wouldn't give a second look to were they in a pile
of discards outside the wallmart, seemingly random images taken by seemingly
random people. obviously kelly knows what he's doing, he has a boat load of
awards and his presentation is lovely -- but i'm lost, out of touch, and i
don't even have an idea where to turn to figure it out. i suddenly feel ...
very old. 

and i wonder if some magazine editor said "we'd like you to do a bunch of
photos in the style of these" -- i don't know if i could. maybe that's the
secret i'm missing ... maybe that's it.

-- confused in america

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