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Subject: [Leica] Call to Prayer
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Apr 6 08:29:55 2006
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Tina Manley said:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Call to Prayer
>> I could not bring myself to ask him to repeat
> the prayer for another photograph.  I just can't interfere without feeling 
> guilty when I see a "staged" photo. :-(<<<

Hi Tina,
As it should be. We're either photojournalists catching the moments as they 
happen in real life or "we're studio/actor/ model photographer's" who say.." 
not bad , do it again a few more times" Breaking into the subjects thoughts.

To even have a thought of speaking to the father and asking him to repeat 
would be blasphemy of the worst kind and I don't care what "great 
photojournalist may have done it in the past" it's just plain wrong! Because 
the photographer is breaking into a very personal moment for this father 
with his child and setting-up a photo opportunity and not capturing it when 
it happened..

Unfortunately today we have photographers who have no concept of their 
subjects personal moments and break into a "personal quiet moment" with no 
thought of what's going on. "hey do that again!"

Much like the dumb ass TV talking heads who ask the fellow who's house has 
just burnt to the ground.. "So how do you feel after loosing your home and 
belongings?"  Kill!


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