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Subject: [Leica] Call to Prayer
From: images at InfoAve.Net (Tina Manley)
Date: Thu Apr 6 07:37:23 2006
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At 10:29 AM 4/6/2006, you wrote:
>I love it as it is.
>Sometimes the fun is in imagining how a face (like the baby's) would be.
>I don't often work with such a shallow DOF, so this might be a dumb
>question by lack of experience, but would it be a good idea to put
>focus on the hind eye of the father which would shift balance to 1/3d
>from the left?
>Thanks for showing,

Thanks, Philippe.  Yes, I took varying photos as long as the prayer 
lasted, which was not long enough.  I thought Muslim prayers were 
really long, but this one was less than two minutes!  I was using the 
Canon 80/1.2 which is the slowest lens to focus that I have ever 
used.  This is one time that I really wished for my old Noctilux and 
M7.  It was dark with extreme backlighting so I thought I was lucky 
to get anything at all in focus.  I do have several more with varying 
focus points but I liked this one best - mainly because of the 
position of the hands.  I could not bring myself to ask him to repeat 
the prayer for another photograph.  I just can't interfere without 
feeling guilty when I see a "staged" photo. :-(


Tina Manley, ASMP 

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