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Subject: [Leica] Morando pictures
From: don.dory at (Don Dory)
Date: Thu Apr 20 14:32:37 2006
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Yeah, I can comment about chromagenic prints.  Once I had the Marilyn Monroe
series but unless you stored them in the dark they faded quite terribly;
what is the point of art if you can't look at it.

For those going Marilyn? I was merely the holder while some interesting
negotiations were going on between two brothers.


On 4/20/06, Phil Swango <> wrote:
> To put this whole thread into a little perspective you need to know the
> Sante Fe art market.  Art photography there is sold in several venues,
> each
> with its own characteristic slant.  The traditional masters (HCB, AA, the
> Westons) and the popular contemporaries (Annie Liebowitz, et al) are
> handled
> mainly by the Andrew Smith Gallery.  Prices range from the mid-low
> 4-digits
> to well into the 5-digit range for the better-known artists.  PhotoEye
> handles lesser-known but emerging artists whose reputations are still
> being
> formed, along with some leading-edge contemporaries (Teri Wiefenbach, John
> Gossage) and a few venerable locals (William Clift).  Prices are lower
> than
> at Wm. Smith (upper 3-digits to mid 4-digits), and the artists less well
> known.  To keep this market viable PhotoEye has to do some market-making
> of
> the type Tina has pointed out.  Some of the richer Anglos in Sante Fe tend
> to be somewhat earth-crunchy and "spiritual" in orientation, and thus
> constitute a well-defined target that PhotoEye understands and caters to
> (or
> exploits, if you prefer).  This doesn't say one thing or the other about
> the Morando photos, but it does sort of explain the hype, or Barnum hokum,
> or brilliant marketing, however you want to view it.
> I sort of like the pictures, think the marketing blab is silly, and
> wouldn't
> pay that kind of dough for any chromogenic print.  I bought a Stephen
> Shore
> C-print back in the early 80s and it's no longer viewable.  I think things
> are better now with the chemistry, but still ...
> BTW, a visit to the PhotoEye bookstore and gallery is a must if you're
> ever
> in Santa Fe.  Amazing collection of photo books, and the gallery is
> usually
> fun, though problably not exactly up the typical LUGger's alley.  It's
> right
> off Canyon Road, where they sell the *really* overhyped stuff (mostly
> paintings).
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