Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2006/04/19

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Subject: [Leica] Best person for a Leica IIIf CLA?
From: gregj.lorenzo at (GREG LORENZO)
Date: Wed Apr 19 20:53:53 2006

Jeffery Smith writes:

> I assume that it's a runoff between DAG and Sherry? Or does 
> someone really specialize in the LTM Leicas?

Gerry Smith at Kindermann Canada is your best option. Kindermann purchased 
all of Leica's LTM service inventory years ago. Gerry is away for another 2 
to 3 weeks though. 

If you send any item out of the country by any method you'd be wise to 
register the serial number of the item(s) with Customs and fill out the 
export certification clearly stating that the item is going for 'Servicing'. 
The has been a Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the USA for more than 
a decade now and this fact and careful preparation of paperwork will protect 
you from Customs abuse.

To avoid "Brokerage" abuse, stay away from *UPS Ground* - unless the item 
that you are shipping via Ground is valued at $20 or less. I have sent and 
received a large number of items (hundreds of packages) between Canada, 
Europe, Asia and the USA over the years and shipments set via the Postal 
Service is your best bet. Fedex Ground is not far behind, UPS is going in 
the opposite direction.

When push come to shove with regards to theft, US Postal Inspectors carry 
sidearms along with a book full of Federal Laws re: tampering with the mail. 
If you are convicted of mail tampering in the US you will do time and it 
won't be with Martha at Club Fed!