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Subject: [Leica] When We Have All-Digital Sensor Leicas...
From: jshul at (Jim Shulman)
Date: Sun Apr 16 16:22:57 2006


I've already asked about Original Kodachrome (the ASA 10 variety).  If I
could shoot that in a IIIc with a Summarit, I would. 

Barring someone resurrecting old film chemistry, I'm glad there's a software
option for extinct emulsions.

Your fellow troglodyte,
Jim (who not only shoots film in Leicas, but also shoots double 8mm movie
film in his Bolexes! I've tried Leicinas, unfortunately they haven't aged

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Subject: RE: [Leica] When We Have All-Digital Sensor Leicas...

This is nice... for $199 you can have film grain.  For $5 I can have film
grain too... and without a computer.

Now I wonder if they offer Super XX or maybe some old Tmax100 grain
simulations?  Ektar 25?  Agfa 100?

IMNSHO, you can sell anything to a digital photographer to make his photos
look like film, except film.

Frank Filippone, firmly dedicated to film, film, and more film.

...and still miss our film, there's always:

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