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Subject: [Leica] Hey B.D., what kind of B&W film do you like
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sat Apr 15 17:56:55 2006

I am the first to admit I don't know silver rich from dirt poor. I wanted to
shoot black and white I pulled a roll of Tri-X out of the drawer and put it
in the camera - starting in about 1958, and continuing until about 18 months
ago. Oh, I occasionally shot some Plus-X a zillion years ago, and some Delta
3200 now and then. Oh, yah, back when there was the occasional role of Kodak
Recording film, which was what preceded the Delta. Beyond that, what can I
tell you? Oh, right - if you really have to shoot outside in bright
daylight, Fuji Acros is really nice.

Yours in yearning for days of yore -

B. D.

On 4/14/06 9:08 PM, "Walt Johnson" <> wrote:

> Yes, B.D.,
> Any suggestions for a "silver rich" B&W film? Tri-X, HP5, Bergger, Foma,
> Fuji????? None seem to have the emulsion I remember from some years
> back. Even Bergger, which is doggone pricey, seems thin by comparison.
> Sure wish I could get some old Tri-X from about 1972. I could care less
> about sharpness, or grain, but do like tonality.
> Your Humble Idiot Savant
> Walt
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