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Subject: [Leica] Was Foot Washing, Now Abrahamic Faiths
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Fri Apr 14 14:07:10 2006

Good Lord, Barney - the man's a "bigot" or "intolerant" because he doesn't
believe that according to scripture women should wash feet? How do you
figure that? 

On 4/14/06 2:13 PM, "Barney Quinn" <> wrote:

> Nice shot. And good for the priest. His arthritis clearly isn't as
> advanced as mine is! :-)
> I had sending you an e-mail on my list of things I wanted to get done
> today. Last night on our local PBS station, WETA, they had a two hour
> program about the Abrhamic Faiths. Have you seen it? It's mostly a dozen
> or so interviews with world class theologians, clergy, authors, and
> professors and believers taking about relations between Christians,
> Muslims, and Jews. It's basically a "talking head" program, but they cut
> from speaker to speaker so that it seemed to be a round table
> discussion. It was, in my opinion, well edited, and it moved along. I
> found the program to be very interested and I was naughty. I stayed up
> past my bed time to see it through to its conclusion.
> As I was watching the program i was reminded of you and your "Faiths of
> Abraham" ( I hope that I have that right ) project. Is this TV show
> related to it? I found myself rather encouraged by the end of the
> program. I went to bed thinking that perhaps there was some hope, after
> all. That's a good thing. Hope is as good a single word description of
> Easter as any other. Then I read your post this morning and all but
> wept. I say this as a Cradle Irish Catholic. Perhaps progress is one
> step back and two forward. One of the things they did on the program
> last night was to ask Jews, Muslims, and Christians what they didn't
> like people to say about them. The Christians said they didn't like it
> when people called them intolerant or bigots. I spent a moment or two
> wondering about where that came from. the Bishop of Charlottesville has
> answered my question. How sad. All of us on the  LUG who pray might want
> to pray for him.
> Barney
> Tina Manley wrote:
>> PESO:
>> A Catholic priest in Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish washes the feet of
>> 12 selected men during Holy Thursday observances.  Bishop Peter Jugis
>> of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte reminded priests that only
>> men's feet could be washed during the Holy Thursday services, causing
>> controversy among many this Lenten season.
>> Thanks for comments, etc.
>> Tina
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