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Subject: [Leica] One colourful - One not
From: rdcb37 at (Rick Dykstra)
Date: Thu Apr 13 16:33:00 2006
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Hi Jim.  Yes, Australia - east coast.  Ish.

This rock I found in the forest, with it's natural puddle of about  
dinner plate size, is just ideal.  The rock itself is about the size  
of a large 4WD.  There is another rock right next to it, at a lower  
height, just the right size and position for my tripod and a folding  
chair.  Just perfect.  And all the birds in the area know about the  
puddle.  In two years of searching I've not found another like it.   
Well, I did find a rock in an ideal location and about the size of a  
big armchair last Easter, with a natural recess that would hold  
water, though it was not facing up.  But guess what?  As if to answer  
my dreams I drove by a few days later and this new rock had been  
repositioned.  Yes!  Someone had obviously dragged it 10 meters into  
better light, dug a hole and set it the right way up!  Must have  
taken a few hours, a winch, lots of tackle and quite a bit of sweat.   
Amazing!    So now I fill that recess with water each time I drive  
past (it holds 10 quarts!).  But, I've never seen a bird in it.  Not  
even a feather as evidence.  Lots of birds around but none game to  
try the new puddle.  :-(

I think I might even have a pic of that Easter Rock.  I snuck up one  
day and caught a few small native mammals.  They seem to like it  
better than the birds.

I have plans to make a portable rock of my own.  Out of fiberglass  
and all done up to look natural.  Then I can take it to where the  
birds are, set up a blind next to it and see what happens.  Might be  
a complete dud, like the Easter Rock.


On 14/04/2006, at 8:51 AM, Jim Nichols wrote:

> Rick,
> You found a size that is perfect on my screen.  I did not remember  
> where you were located, but a little help from Google told me that  
> the birds are found on the eastern coast of Australia.  I recall  
> when you began setting up the place to get these photos.  Looks as  
> if the planning and patience have produced outstanding results.   
> Congratulations.
> Jim Nichols
> Tullahoma, TN USA
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