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Subject: [Leica] One colourful - One not
From: Harvey.Arche at (Arche, Harvey)
Date: Wed Apr 12 21:01:33 2006

I was impressed before, but more so now with the backstory. "It's a magical 
place I've found." - I have no doubt that a lot of the magic is what you 
have brought to it to make it so, especially since your relation to the 
place is giving you these kinds of images to share. One of the many ways of 
making art- out of an intense & intimate connection to a particular place. I 
see it on the list all the time- Jeffrey's N.O. home, Graham's part of 
England; I bet Doug Herr has places he fits into like an old slipper - just 
to name a very few.
Now me, I haven't felt at home in 25 years (a half dozen states and ten 
cities) and seem to need to be disjointed to do anything at all. Daniel R. 
dropped a hint of this with his PAW this week. So many different ways of 
finding a picture we have on this list!

Rick wrote:
Hi Arche.  It's taken a couple of years of sitting near a rock in the  
forest that has a natural puddle in it.  I fill it with water when  
I'm there.  The birds seem to have come to know me, as some of the  
smaller ones line up in the surrounding trees while I'm setting up my  
gear.  Then I pour some water into the puddle and the action  
starts.  :-D   Only two weeks ago did the Rosellas finally get up the  
gumption to come and sit on the rock.  They've been up in the tree  
watching the other birds for a few weeks.  The Currawong saw the  
Rosellas drinking and came right up.  My heart-rate went through the  
roof.  There's a goshawk in the area - I see him chasing the others  
most weekends - so I wonder if he'll come by.  I've learnt a bit  
about inter-species dynamics from sitting in this place so many  
times, for so many hours.

It's a magical place I've found.  Prints from this rock-puddle are  
hanging in the visitors centre at the entrance to the National Park -  
the rangers tell me that folks like the cuteness of the shots - birds  
in a natural puddle.  Last Sunday I switched to the 280/2.8 to try  
for a whole body shot of the Rosellas, but the Goshawk had chased  
them off.  I'm thankful that these birds put their lives on the line  
to let me get a photo of them.  :-)


On 13/04/2006, at 8:31 AM, Arche, Harvey wrote:

> Rick-
> Are they sitting on your lap? Any closer and I could smell their  
> breath. What a terrific and rewarding sport.
> Arche