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Subject: [Leica] Leica sighting, or how I tripped on a rude person....
From: chs2018 at (Chris Saganich)
Date: Tue Apr 11 07:46:56 2006
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I've had better experiences probably because I'm too shy to actually talk 
to anyone but I often am stopped in the oddest places by interested Leica 
people.  Last Sunday while boarding the bus in Bed-Stuy the bus driver 
called after me.  Thinking something was wrong with my metro card I walked 
back.  "Is that a Leica?" he inquired.  "Yes" I said removing it from my 
neck to let him see.   I let him give it a good check over until some 
passengers grumbled and he handed it back with a nod.

My wife isn't shy.  Last summer in the local CVS drug store in Borum Hill 
there was a guy with his family standing in line at the register sporting a 
new M7.  Julie went right over and struck up a conversation; she thinks I 
need other camera people to play with.  The bearer of the camera was none 
other then Gilles Peress.  I commented that perhaps I wouldn't mind 
traveling with him, taking a few months off.  She wasn't pleased.

Chris S.

At 11:53 PM 4/10/2006, you wrote:
>Slo - well thats what the LUG does to you - I had the same experience
>about 4 years ago shooting the National Hot Rod Association nationals
>in syracuse, NY - came acoss a guy shooting M with leicavit and 21.
>Very unpleasant.  I've gotten used to thinking that should i run into
>anyone on the LUG in person that we'd have a good time talking. So
>approach Leica carrying folks with caution :)
>On Apr 10, 2006, at 9:38 PM, Slobodan Dimitrov wrote:
>>While shooting a demo today, I couldn't help but notice nearly 7-8
>>Leicas. I even spotted an antracite R9.
>>I walked up to an individual who was standing around with an M7 in
>>his hands, introduced myself, and asked the person their name. The
>>retort was "I'm just me, just little me," claiming he didn't need a
>>name. At that point, after such a moronic retort, I decided to mind
>>my own business.
>>I have noticed in the past that bumping into Leica using persons on
>>the street is, more often than not, not an invitation for
>>conversation. Although the rudeness of this last individual did
>>become a topic of conversation between a number of us while we were
>>waiting for the action.
>>Slobodan Dimitrov
>>Studio G-8,
>>Angels Gate Cultural Center
>>Leica Users Group.
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>Leica Users Group.
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