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Subject: [Leica] sharp ears & soft eyes! focusing tips? -
From: bquinn at (Barney Quinn)
Date: Tue Apr 11 07:32:34 2006
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Thanks, You are an amazing source of useful and pratical advice.


Ted Grant wrote:

> Eric asked:
> >I think my brain is edge seeking and the obvious edges are the side of the
> >head compared to background. I find it tough to lock in on eyes. I tried a
> >ground glass screen and that was a minimally helpful.
> >>
> >>I often shoot a 50mm lens at f5.6
> >>
> >>Tips?<<<
> Hi Eric,
> Bottom line? Practise, Practise, Practise, Practise, Practise and then do 
> it
> several thousand times more!!
> When you're sitting watching the idiot box and a commercial comes up,
> practise focusing on all kinds of "HIGHLIGHT POINTS about the room no 
> matter
> where or what!" As soon as a commercial comes on screen look about the room
> for a highlight, camera comes to eye and you focus, camera down look for
> another highlight point no matter how small. It's a no brainer, see
> highlight, camera up, focus and do this until you're all most sick and 
> tired
> of doing it.
> As far as the eyes go? 99% of the time there is a highlight in the eye!
> Surprise!
> And all that practising you've been doing between commercials, you did do
> it, didn't you? I mean I'm not telling you this for the good of my health,
> hell I've already done it some many multi-hundreds of thousands of times!
> ;-)...
> So now you've practiced and you're as fast as all get out putting those two
> little highlights together in the viewfinder, the eyes become a piece of
> cake. Focus on that highlight! It's that simple and at 5.6 you should have
> enough depth to cover yer sweet buns even if you miss a tiny bit.
> HOWEVER! If you practised, you did didn't you? ;-) Yeah I believe you. You
> will rarely miss by going for the highlight in the eyes!.
> Focusing on highlights constantly doing it with all kinds of locations and
> situations even when you are not taking a real photograph will improve your
> handling ability and it'll just be "on the eyes, click and sharp!"
> ted
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