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Subject: [Leica] Leica sighting, or how I tripped on a rude person....
From: nickbroberts at (Nick Roberts)
Date: Tue Apr 11 03:30:53 2006

When using a Leica, I sometimes get a glance of recognition, but nobody ever 
comments. I tape over the red dot on my M6, though. When using a Rolleiflex, 
I frequently end up in long discussions with former owners or even 
youngsters who just think it looks cool. I've not even been asked if it's 
digital for a while....

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From: Douglas Sharp <>
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Sent: Tuesday, 11 April, 2006 8:48:05 AM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica sighting, or how I tripped on a rude person....

Seems to be a matter of where you are,
In the UK, North and South, I've only ever had pleasant chance 
encounters with other Leica users/lovers.
In Germany, nobody seems to be bothered much about Leica users - maybe 
they are too much part o the landscape. All of the people who
spoke to me when I was out for a walk with my unobtrusive ;-) set up - 
SL2Mot with motor and a 400 Novoflex fast focus - were techy freaks or 
just wanted to have a look through it.
In Northern Italy nobody notices either - or maybe it's that people just 
keep their distance  from broad shouldered heavily built Brits (1.87m 
105 Kg) who usually wear black and shades :-)

Javier Perez wrote:

> Yes
> That's pretty much the working rule. There is of course one exception.
> When a group of M users run into another group of M users, it's
> OK to talk.
> Javier
>> From: Austin Burbridge <>
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>> To: Leica Users Group <>
>> Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica sighting, or how I tripped on a rude 
>> person....
>> Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 00:23:37 -0700
>> On Apr 10, 2006, at 20:38, Slobodan Dimitrov wrote:
>>> I have noticed in the past that bumping into Leica using persons on  
>>> the street is, more often than not, not an invitation for  
>>> conversation.
>> Nothing makes me squirm like someone remarking my Leica in a public  
>> place.
>> I do not wish to advertise that I am carrying a camera+lens which  
>> costs more than my car (I admit, it is an old car). I had to save up  
>> for years to buy my Leica rig, and I could not replace it in the  
>> event of theft or loss.  Most people just think I'm carrying an old,  
>> too-small-to-be-professional camera, not one of the big sexy SLRs.  
>> Maybe a thief will pass me by for one of those obviously expensive  
>> big hunks of plastic and glass. (And maybe I've never gotten over 
>> the  theft of my first Leica. A good tool is an extension of the 
>> body;  losing my Leica would be like an amputation.)
>> Also, I am one of those who put a strip of black tape over the red  
>> dot. When I am on the street, trying to forget about the tools, to  
>> contemplate the moment and the spectacle, I really don't want to  
>> encourage discussion about the equipment. I want the picture -- and  
>> the people around me -- to be about what *they are doing*, and not  
>> about what *I* am doing.
>> When I see somebody else with a Leica, the most I might do is to ask  
>> for a URL to see the work. But mostly, I try to give the 
>> photographer  the same consideration which I would like given me -- 
>> which is to  ignore him, respectfully.
>> Having said that, someone who is trying to make a friendly remark  
>> should be treated with tact and courtesy.
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