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Subject: [Leica] Re: Touch typing keyboards
From: datamaster at (Gary Todoroff)
Date: Mon Apr 10 21:51:59 2006

David, Jim, Larry - keyboards may seem OT, but are still a good lesson in
ergonomics, which certainly applies to the Leica M - one of the most
ergonomic devices ever built.

As I type, making a beautiful racket on my 1984 IBM keyboard, I can look
down and see the little "pips" on the F and J keys, used by many new
keyboards as well. Problem is, my *fingers* don't notice those tiny things,
whereas they literally *fell* into the old dished-in keys.

Thanks for reading and responding to my comments about ergonomics on the
blog. I feel that the word "ergonomics" gets a lot of lip-service these
days, but the concept received much more careful analysis in past years when
ergonomics wasn't even in the vernacular. Most keyboards today feel like

Some DSLR menus turn your brain to mush.

Gary Todoroff
Tree LUGger

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> Gary writes (Lympa blog)
> <<I've always wondered at how technology makes such huge leaps
> over amazing distances and forgets the
> toothbrush. Computer keyboards are another example of a high
> level of ergonomics at the brochure level.
> Thirty years ago, IBM keypunch machines had a feature that is now
> lost - the "F" and "J homekeys were
> dished in deeper than the other keys. When PC keyboards came out,
> my fingers were lost, and I did not
> know why. Looking carefully at the old keyboards, I discovered
> that without conscious effort, my fingers
> naturally fell into the home keys. Why would such a useful
> feature completely disappear from all modern
> keyboards?>>
> Gary,
> Apple computer keyboards have little pips on the home keys.
> Obviously some people at Apple still touch type.
> Stangely enough, the newer keyboards for the PPC and MacIntels
> have the pips on the F and J keys, while
> the older keyboards have the pips on the D and K keys.
> Larry Z
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