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Subject: [Leica] A birthday weekend
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon Apr 10 19:53:25 2006
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B. D. Colen showed:
Subject: [Leica] A birthday weekend

> So here's the story -
> Grandma turns 90 - 18 family members from around the country come to
> town for a couple of days of celebration - trip to the circus, lunch out,
> bowling, shopping trip for grandma, lunch at a pizza joint, and finally, a
> dinner part for about 40 family members and friends - with ages ranging 
> from
> 95 to 11 months.<<<<<<

Hi B.D.,
Now that's my kind of assignment!!! :-) Lot's of stuff to shoot, things 
happening, everyone knows who you are and why you are doing what you're 
doing so most of thee time they just go about doing what they're doing. Not 
always, as there's bound to be someone who keeps looking at the camera... 
"oh he doesn't have my good side!" ;-)  And this all equates to great 
picture opportunities and great final products.Good on you by the look of 

The finished product will completely blow the client away because all 
they've seen is you moving about doing something with the camera without any 
concept of what you're seeing and re-acting to. This is the great thing 
about working without flash as little as possible or not at all, because 
most people believe you have to take flash pictures around home and or 
wherever if you are not out side on a sunny day. Even then if they have only 
used a P&S camera a flash usually goes "blink flash" each time they've taken 
a picture.

So when they see all these beautiful "natural light" photographs where they 
really didn't know you were taking pictures freaks them out. :-) Positively 
of course! :-)

You bet it's tiring and hard work because regardless of the others being 
able to sit back and enjoy the weekend, you have to be on the ball every 
second of the day with a rapid fire finger tip releasing the shutter. Not to 
forget your re-action time has to be very fast. Without looking and 
thinking, "oh gee whiz look at that."

It's more like "click!" Then you think about it. Actually you don't spend 
too much time thinking about anything because you're completely in 
"re-action mode" click, click, click! ;-)

I'm  sure it would be interesting for the crew to hear the client's 
re-action to the finished product if that's possible. I know I'd certainly 
be curious to hear, I bet they'll be completely blown away!

Well done mon ami! :-)


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