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Subject: [Leica] Dad pictures
From: Harvey.Arche at (Arche, Harvey)
Date: Mon Apr 10 17:42:09 2006

Three different dads in public. I owe a debt of gratitude to Kenneth for the 
first and third; I followed his advice about staying in one place until 
people got used to me being there with a camera. Those 2 were in the same 
location and five minutes apart.

Tech blab: M2, 35 summicron 1st ver., neopan1600 at 800

Tornado survival tales- 
Several students at my school had their homes demolished in the Friday 
tornados around Nashville. The kids had left school at noon, Parent 
Conference Day, so a lot of them were at home alone when the twister struck. 
One boy was asleep and was wakened by a call from his Dad. He heard a noise, 
went to the window, and could see the funnel 100 yards away. He made it to 
the basement. Half the house destroyed, the other half was as if nothing had 
A girl in my photo class, also alone, got a call from her mom. By her 
account the power went off two seconds after she hung up, so she ran 
straight to the closet, and the tornado struck about 2 seconds after that. 
She stayed in there for twenty minutes. I asked if she was scared, she said 
'I was hysterical'. How was her house? 'Everything was gone except for the 

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