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Subject: [Leica] Why we photograph, artists who photograph, and HCB
From: Harvey.Arche at (Arche, Harvey)
Date: Mon Apr 10 11:43:11 2006

B.D., and Paul

Interesting comment in the light of last week's thread regarding the
benefits a photographer may or may not enjoy from taking a drawing
class. While I don't believe you can teach anyone to be an artist
(that's something each person has to do for themselves), you can
certainly teach things to help technique. I really believe drawing
classes help young photographers, and would go further in saying that
kids who avoid drawing classes ("its too hard" "I can't draw") end up
taking much longer to develop into strong photographers than if they had
bitten the bullet early on. Anything that helps you to see the three
dimensional world as if it were 2D helps, and that's what beginning
drawing is all about.




>Not the red wine, Jeffery, but rather the fact that HCB was not a
photographer, but rather an >artist whose brush was a camera. I think
his return to drawing in last 20 years of his life was >no real change -
he was drawing his entire life.



>On 4/9/06 10:20 PM, "Jeffery Smith" <> wrote:


> The protracted thread about why we photograph and the relationship 

> between art and photography got me thinking. So I sat through "The 

> Impassioned Eye" twice (while drinking some red wine), and noticed 

> something somewhat remarkable, at least to me. Many of his photographs

> exhibit the so-called "Golden Mean", and those that don't exhibit the 

> "Rule of Thirds". The latter is not all that surprising to me, but the

> golden mean shows up often enough that I am convinced that HCB was 

> constantly aware of it and adjusting his position to take advantage of

> it.


> Was it the red wine? I suddenly wish my viewfinder had some diagonal 

> lines through it. And I may draw some diagonal lines on the LCD of my 

> Panasonic/Digilux I.


> Jeffery Smith