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Subject: [Leica] Re:Pre wedding weekend work
From: allen.graves at (Allen Graves)
Date: Sun Apr 9 19:43:05 2006

I really the C. v.N debate is pretty much  back to where it was 
before digital entered the picture. Zealots on both sides touting the 
perceived advantages and sensible people in the middle picking the 
equipment that will do the job  they need to do and fit with the 
equipment they already own.

90 % of the time a Nikon d70 gives me the imaage I need at least as 
well as a Nikon Coolscan 9000  + my Leicas and Velvia. or TriX ,with 
a lot less trouble. Sometimes the Leica is worth it. Getting the 
image that you want is what all this is about. I bought the D200 
because I wanted to use my MF Nikkors.I have several that I like and 
the D200 works well with them. Not perfectly but well.  I probably 
won't buy another digital camera for at least 5 years. Because what I 
have does the job  that I want done. Whether Canon does it "better " 
or not.


>I do not use noise reduction unless it's 1000iso and above in Capture. I
>leave it off.
>I've read on other forums that many users see the same results. Yet when
>printed on either Capture or PS, the image looks fine.
>Noise never was a big issue for me, it's what is in the image that counts.
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>From: "Don Dory"
>Subject: Re: [Leica] Re:Pre wedding weekend work
>I suspect that Capture is doing some heavy duty behind the scenes
>processing.  PS is alowing you to make the decisions and I suspect there is
>a switch in Capture that lets you turn off the noise reduction.  Try doing
>an image solely in PS RAW then use Capture as far as possible and check out
>the fine detail left.
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