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Subject: [Leica] Re: LUG Digest, Vol 31, Issue 528
From: lrzeitlin at (
Date: Sun Apr 9 06:47:33 2006
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I agree with you. There is a certain cachet in owning expensive retro 
products. Top tier men's magazines are 
full of ads featuring mechanical Rolex watches, Waterman fountain pens, and 
Morgan cars. The Leica M7 
would fit in nicely. I suggest, however, that the M7 is too close to the 
modern technological level. Better 
would be a factory fresh LTM Leica of the Golden age, say a IIIF with a 
collapsible f3.5 Elmar. I know about 
the factory preseantation model of the Ur Leica, but they are just to 
primitive to be functional. It would be 
like offering a Rolex sundial.

Larry Z


In other words, Forbes thinks that the future of Leica is in providing 
male jewelry to people who have so much money that they need advice on 
how to spend it...


Tina Manley wrote:
> Hi, Leica people -
> There is an article in this week's Forbes about Leica with photos 
> taken in the factory in Solms.  The article talks about how the 1500 
> parts in the M7 are all assembled entirely by hand and says that maybe 
> the "handcrafted" selling proposition will keep the Leica M7 going 
> into the era of gigapixels.  According to a note on the first page, 
> all of the photographs for the article were taken with a Canon 1DsMII ;-)
> Tina