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Subject: [Leica] Re: DSLR question
From: vondauster at (Will von Dauster)
Date: Sat Apr 8 16:05:55 2006
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Hi Ted,

No, my comment was a positive one vv the Olympus 11-22mm. I do not  
have the, is it a 10-22mm Canon EF-S lens, which I have heard is also  
very good.

And my comments are also not meant as a slight to the 20D, which I  
have also had since it came out. It is a fine camera.

What I'm seeing from my E-500 Olympus is, to my eyes, a much more  
film-like handling of light, especially in black and white mode.  
Since I don't usually shoot raw (though yes, I am playing with  
Capture One LE), the way the camera deals with the BW conversion  
internally is important to me. I'm seeing a much longer range of  
grays in the images from the Oly. And what noise I get in BW at high  
ISOs  resembles film grain, which is interesting.

The dust issue is also a pain to deal with in my Canons. So far  
(3-4000 images) the Olympus dust removal system has been flawless.

I thought I'd try the system out after Panasonic and Leica's  
announcement. What I've discovered are some superb Olympus optics.  
Yes, I want fast primes too. And nothing matches the Canon system in  
very low light for smoothness. Which, sometimes, I don't care so much  

Will von Dauster

On Apr 8, 2006, at 10:13 AM, Ted Grant wrote:

> Will von Dauster offered:
>> Their 11-22mm is in a class by itself as far as I'm concerned. My   
>> recent California coastal photos with that lens have moved me  
>> from  Canon solidly into the Olympus DSLR camp.
> Hi Will,
> Do I take this as a negative comment about the lens?
> I bought this one as soon as I looked through the viewfinder and  
> have absolutely no negative results with it since the 20D came out  
> or the lens.
> I make 13X19 prints regularly with it and they're quite amazingly  
> sharp. I believe Henning Wulff also has the same lens and finds it  
> excellent.
> If yours isn't good, then either you got a "bad one" and Henning  
> and I got extremely great ones. Such as life. But I'd put mine up  
> against leica any day.
> ted
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