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Subject: [Leica] about Kelly's Geneva
From: philippe.orlent at (Philippe Orlent)
Date: Sat Apr 8 15:30:47 2006

I've been thinking about this, and IMO critiques have been far too  
harsh on this essay.
If it is interpreted as Kelly's day in Geneva, it sure tells a whole  
lot about that day: a very good way to describe utter solitude in a  
non verbal manner.

My initial questions were if the P&S look was wanted. I never got an  
answer, but the look adds to that feeling of solitude.

Are these hard photos to make? Probably not. But a (series of) shot 
(s) doesn't have to look to have been difficult to make to be good.
So as far as I'm concerned, there's certainly a merit in these ones.  
Esp. if they grow out to become a series of 'descriptions' of similar  
travels like these.

BTW: I tried to do something similar yesterday, going to a soccer  
game with a small digital P&S and trying to casually catch what I saw  
on sensor.
Not easy at all! Which is probably why I'm more the making than the  
taking guy.

It's from 1,5 hours before match till beginning of match. After that,  
the light levels got too low to get anything without flash, and I  
didn't want to do that. Everything is unaltered (exept sometimes BW  
For me, 2 or 3 photographs worth of keeping. But I'll let you be the  
judges of that.

Thanks for looking,

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