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Subject: [Leica] Re: DSLR question
From: neal at (Neal Friedenthal)
Date: Fri Apr 7 22:18:51 2006

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>From: "Phil Swango"
>Subject: [Leica] DSLR question

>My daughter is thinking about getting a DSLR to use for serious photography
>(she has a BFA in photo).  She was looking at the Nikon D50 because of
>price, but now that the Canon 20D is available for $1199 with kit lens, she
>might want to move that way instead.  Does anyone have experience with both
>and be willing to off some advice?


>Phil Swango
>307 Aliso Dr SE
>Albuquerque, NM 87108


I work part time in a full service camera shop and we sell both Canon and 
Nikon.  Between the two, Nikon D50 or the Canon 20D, I'd definitely go with 
the Canon.  The Canon has an 8.2 MP 
CMos chip as opposed to the 6 MP CCD of the Nikon, the Canon produces very 
usable low noise images up to 1600 iso where the Nikon's images are pretty 
useless above 400 iso. While the 
might have a bit of an edge over the Canon on the optical quality at 6 to 8 
MP that edge is moot, (not high enough resolution to see the difference). 
Also there are more lenses in the Canon line and 
most of them are pretty good.  BTW the D70 Nikon is basically the same as 
the D50, it uses the same sensor and the same processor, so except for a few 
bells and whistles it produces the same 
image, it does use a CF card rather than an SD.
        Just to through a little confusion into the mix you might consider 
the Olympus e-330. It is a different format, 4/3, and the Mos chip is 
slightly smaller than those of either the Canon or the 
Nikon, but it produces an excellent image up to iso 800 and a still useable 
image up to iso 1000. Olympus lenses are superb and while there are not as 
many choices as there are for either the Nikon 
or the Canon they do cover almost any focal length needed, and there is the 
potential of Leica designed lenses in the not too distant future.  The 
Olympus does a few tricks that neither Leica nor 
Canon can, most significantly is the live view capability.  Also in flash 
photography you are able to use the built in flash in conjunction with a 
shoe mounted flash.  You can bounce the shoe mounted 
flash while using the built in flash to hit highlights and eye catches, 
pretty neat.

Lots to think about

Neal F

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