Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2006/04/07

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Subject: [Leica] Re: PHC's Payment Question
From: rpalmier at (bob palmieri)
Date: Fri Apr 7 17:48:40 2006

Paul Hardy Carter wrote:

So tell us Bob - which pays better: playing guitar on the record or
having a picture on the CD cover? ;-)

Paul -

I guess it comes down to who you are.  In my case, I always feel like 
I'm cutting deals "for the sake of the music" (or art, or whatever.) 
(Your "smiley" I interpreted as a sign that you already knew this.)  
And not being a Big Name, I need to stay competitive.  And I'm not a 
particularly hard-ass negotiator.

I suppose some folks think "numbers are tacky" or something but I feel 
that disclosing our fees can be a really helpful info.  I also realize 
that your question might be somewhat tongue-in-cheek (and I maybe 
oughtta give a suitably breezy answer) but I'll just tell it like it 
is. (As I've been known to say... "Truth is the First Resort of the 

In general I get 500 clams for a CD cover if it's a reasonable size 
label (I've certainly done quite a few for a lot less for budget 
efforts.)  As regards the guitar playing, on this recording I got $750 
per day, which is pretty typical.

Bob Palmieri