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Subject: [Leica] another couple of posts
From: bquinn at (Bernard Quinn)
Date: Fri Apr 7 17:43:37 2006


Thank you very much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.  I
appreciate them.


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I am  going to save your post and re-read it from time to time. There 
are,as I mentioned to my wife this morning, some of the finest people 
online one could want to meet. You are certainly one yourself. It is a 
very moving assessment of this era and it could be you are absolutely 
right. Don't misunderstand what I said about doing that type of 
shooting. If it weren't for people still doing  it we'd only have 
information funneled to us though the White House Press Corps.  How 
about that for a frightening thought?

As far as giving up, that's out of the question. The lure of a 
self-imposed project keeps haunting me. We don't have subways in Florida

so I can't follow in B.D.'s footsteps. but still, there are many images 
left unmade.


Barney Quinn wrote:

>I have been reading, but not commenting on, the exchange between you,
>and several other members of the LUG about the state of the world and
>power of images ( and words ) to change it. I am not a photojournalist
>you and Ted and Tina. I haven't seen the things which all of you have
>and I certainly haven't photographed it. I very much doubt that I
could. I
>don't have that kind of strength.
>The other day Ted made some comments about "pre visualization,"
whatever that
>means precisely. If I remember his words properly they went something
to the
>effect that he didn't "pre visualize," he worked on the "Holy Cow Look
>that. Click" system. I was tempted to reply, but, as usual didn't. What
>wanted to say was that perhaps for a photojournalist "pre
>isn't seeing the image in your head, it is seeing the situation for the
>photographic possibilities it offers, exposing yourself to that
>and then capturing what you can of it on film.  As BD said the other
day, the
>"decisive moment" is when you see the situation for its photographic
>possibilities, get out your camera, and start making images.
>The history of the twentieth century is horrific, by any known
standard. If
>there is a God ( I believe there is ) then he, she, or it must have
>running down their face. I can understand how someone who shot what you
>in Haiti would never want to go back. I understand how covering such
>could totally burn out a person. I can certainly understand how someone
>has covered the last century (and I have been in the news business
>could be discouraged by it. In fact, if you weren't, I would have to
say that
>there is something quite wrong with you. I can see how someone would
want to
>give up. I've been there. Depression is sometimes a very rational
>But, having said all that, I also have to say that I don't agree with
>negative comments about the power of images to change and motivate
>There are lots of instances where images and words have motivated
people to
>act. this threat reminded me of what my Doctor says that he tells his
>patients. "Fighting will not guarantee that you will live, but giving
up may
>very well guarantee that you will die." It's true that far too little
>been done to help New Orleans, but I don't think that it follows from
>the reason is because images no longer work to move people. Many, many
>citizens have been motivated to help the victims. This may well start a
>war, but if images had lost their power to effect things then the
>rating of the boys in DC would be a whole lot higher than it is.
>Walt Johnson wrote:
>>I try to remember a few of the things I've photographed over the years
>>and how fortunate many of us are. Were I a religious person I'd ask
>>to forgive me. Not for doing bad things (like wanting to photo hooters
>>:-P ) which are run of the mill, but for ever feeling sorry for
>>When I think of  the shooters I've know who fall into "world class"
>>category I wonder how they feel about it all.  Maybe things are better
>>now than when we burned people at the stake or put millions in gas
>>chambers. It could be that the trek toward universal humanitarianism
>>requires more time than we each have but will come.
>>Barney Quinn wrote:
>>>The shots you posted today and the ones which you posted yesterday
are a
>>>stunning series of images. The one of the skull is still
reverberating in
>>>my mind. Your pictures certainly provided me with a jolt and a
>>>many of us may need from time to time.
>>>Walt Johnson wrote:
>>>>Here are a few more scanned earlier but not posted.
>>>>The ditch in the last image is one of many open sewers  running
>>>>Cite Soleil in Port au Prince. It serves  thousands of people who
>>>>crowded into their own version of hell.
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