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Subject: [Leica] Alternate Whispering
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Fri Apr 7 14:32:03 2006
References: <>

Tina Manley showed comparisons:
Subject: Alternate Whispering - Editing help

> > Well, 10 of you voted for the "Eye" focus:
> - 2nd photo posted
> And 7 of you voted for the "Hand" focus:
> - 1st photo posted

Although I didn't make a call on which one simply because there wasn't any
question in my eye it was the first photo you posted, "your choice!"

And that's the only choice that counts, period! Simply because as
interesting as it is to have comments of others, it's quite like selecting a
piece of "art by committee" it just doesn't work!

Each can have an opinion and that's fine, but the bottom line is what's in
your gut feeling that counts more than anything. Yes we all make an off
choice in editing at times and the critique or suggestions of others are
very worth while in correcting our selection.

But if anything, in this discussion it illustrates the solid talent of many
members in their seeing, certainly when they give a viable reason for their
choice. That is giving a solid written reason, rather than the sometimes ..
"I like it or I think it's...." but never outlining why they made the

Sure enough there's lots of photos that come up that nothing more needs to
be said than... "Nice picture, I like it." simply because it's so obvious it
really doesn't require a lot of words to say why. Although at times the
poster is assuming everyone else is of equal experience and understands "why 
I like it." comment only. Not so, a few explanation lines helps others learn
why you say... "Nice picture, I like it."

When one places the two photos beside each other and looking carefully, I
don't think there is any question your first choice works the best. My

I'm sure there'll be rebuttals but the one thing is... this photograph is so
well executed it has created a wonderful photographic dialogue we rarely
see,. And that in itself says a great deal of the picture excellence in
whatever choice any of us make.

Bottom-line? it's Tina's photograph and she's 100% correct!

Besides this is one of the best photos for a gathering of LUGNUTS at a round
table discussion we should all keep it in mind for future get togethers.
However that said, you definitely must have two photographs on the table to
make comparisons.

For the doubters try this. Either both pictures on screen at the same time
and look back and forth. Or better, both pictures in a position so you can
quickly flip them back and forth. Quite amazing and without question Tina's
first selection wins hands down

Focusing directly on the right eye leaves the hand in a vertical line and
not indicating comfortably holding the child and also stands out as a major
out of focus blob. Even burning it down doesn't work because it's so obvious
front and centre.

Besides in picture 1 with the focus to hand the sharpness carries through
just far enough it still catches the eye without being distractingly out of

Try it, flip them back and forth and it's a wonderful comparison in what
pops up "butt ugly" the way out of focus hand! And what finally grabs and
holds your eyes right smack on the father doing his thing comfortably
holding the child. His hand is "wrapped around cradling" compared to being
in a vertical way out of focus blob!

I don't doubt this may well ignite another round of comparisons! :-) But
when have we had a logical common sense conversation about a photographic

Sure beats the hell out of talking about Capa and a "dead-dying-faked shot
maybe?" of a soldier and the photographer who can't rebut anything either
cause he's dead! ;-) ;-)

Tina, first choice is still the best choice, you are right! :-)


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