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Subject: [Leica] WWII veteran (OT Gear)
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu Apr 6 12:42:17 2006
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PHC offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] WWII veteran (OT Gear)

> Ted - I guess it depends on what you're looking for in a picture. Seems we 
> have different criteria.
> For me the subject matter has always come a very distant second to the 
> aesthetic. In the second picture, sure, we see the face - and I don't mean 
> to diminish the importance of that - and there is nice light. But the face 
> simply isn't interesting enough to hold my eye. Maybe if the subject had 
> some eye contact with the viewer, or we could see more of his eyes... who 
> knows. The fact is that it doesn't hold me.
> However, in the first shot we have a simply outstanding composition. The 
> poise of the subject: focused, studying, waiting. The trees on the horizon 
> perfectly placed to offer us an objective for the subject's focus, they 
> also become the subject themselves of the picture-within-a-picture that is 
> the observation window.
> And then there's that wonderful circle of light from his cuff, down his 
> arm to his collar and hat. And the line of his cheek. And the confident 
> grasp of his hand. It's a very good picture.
> I hope this brief note answers your question. Do you think it's a bad 
> picture?

G'day Paul,
Great explanation, thank you. I most prefer this kind of commentary when 
people make a comment because in this case your explanation becomes a very 
strong learning element for others and myself.

Thank you very much,

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