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Subject: [Leica] Call to Prayer
From: nickbroberts at (Nick Roberts)
Date: Thu Apr 6 05:45:46 2006

Tina, I quite agree, there would be a huge danger of the baby stealing the 
show. My first reaction was that it was terrific of the father, but that 
without even a tiny portion of the baby's head there was nothing to show 
that there really was a baby at all - apart of course from the father. But 
then I thought that the baby's hand does enough...sorry, I'm getting far too 
deep into this. The obvious love on the father's face is all that's needed, 
and to that extent, the newer crop works better still.
If in addition the caption forces some to challenge their own prejudices, 
all well and good! It took me back to the birth of my kids, and I must've 
had exactly the same look on my face. Point proven, and in such a 
wonderfully positive way.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Call to Prayer

Thanks, Nick.  I do have some with the baby's face, but I found it 
too distracting from the actual whispering.  I like this one with 
just the hands showing and the father's mouth.  I might try to post 
some of the others later to show what I mean.  (I'm not supposed to 
be showing any of these - SHHH!! - but I appreciate criticism which 
helps me defend why I've chosen this particular frame)   Thanks!!


At 06:28 PM 4/5/2006, you wrote:
>Tina, it would've been nice (I think) to have seen
>even just a little of the baby's face - but I'm being
>picky, the father's face surely says enough. Well
>captured (as always).

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