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Subject: [Leica] Call to Prayer
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed Apr 5 21:58:25 2006
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Tina Manley showed:
Subject: [Leica] Call to Prayer

> Part of the Families of Abraham Project.  A Muslim father whispers the 
> call to prayer in his newborn baby's ear.

Hi Tina,
A wonderful photograph no matter who what why where!  No need for words 
because it's so captivating in itself, the tiny hand and the father in what 
can be assumed a tender caring loving moment.

No we can't hear his "whispers," but there's an emotional feeling in the 
picture that everyone must feel as I do. It's felt particularly more so by 
an emotional jerk like myself and I find it a most captivating life moment 
without words at all.

My verbal re-action quietly to myself as it opened?.... "Damn she's good!" 
:-) And you show it each time you capture moments such as this!

I noticed in other posts analysis of the picture because of the description 
and in this case where we really have no absolute visual indicating who what 
why, I feel it would've been better to leave it un-captioned. Besides I 
found the picture so strong in itself I never looked at the words. Nor do I 
think it required any because the visual is so strong it doesn't need any.

Yes I can understand words when the exhibition is hung, that's different 
than posting a photograph to a group of supposedly visual astute folks.


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