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Subject: [Leica] still plugging along .... ahem.
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Wed Apr 5 15:35:44 2006
References: <>

Kyle Cassidy showed:
Subject: [Leica] still plugging along .... ahem.

>a recent favorite from the Armed America portrait series ... which i'm 
> plugging along with (thanks to ted for the good advice on publishers):
> <>
> bashir and his tricked out AR-15 along with his faithful sidekick cicso. 
> who
> eyed me with great suspicion when he wasn't sitting on me.<<<

Best photograph in the series so far! You keep this level up and you'll have 
a winner of a book no question. Not only that it could very well become a 
best seller.

My gosh the dog is wonderful and compliments the mean looking mother with a 
gun which I can't imagine owning. Like why the heck does a person need an 
assault weapon of that nature in a peaceful country?

Just imagine some one knocks on your front door and you welcome them with 
this thing in hand? The person would just drop dead from fright alone! :-) I 
suppose if you live in a mean assed neighbourhood a gun of this nature is 
required to keep the peace. Whew!!!


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