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Subject: [Leica] Compact Flash Card Trouble
From: allen.graves at (Allen Graves)
Date: Sat Apr 1 13:15:57 2006
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Disk Utility once" found" a card that would not mount as a disk and 
show up on the desktop. I ran repair disk, just to see what happened 
and it repaired  card and it mounted. It has been problem free 
since.I presume that there was some sort of directory error. Since DU 
is free and non-destructive, I always give it a try.


>When I insert the card into the reader, the computer doesn't 
>recognize that it is there.  I'm not really concerned about losing 
>the images but I do like th 2GB card.  There's a local camera store 
>here in Lancaster that I'm going to try on Monday.  Once of the 
>staff people who work there told me earlier today that he has a 
>software package that can determine if the card is irretrievably 
>broken or it it can be repaired.
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>>1. Insert the card into the iMac and try to run disk utility. See 
>>if this will recognize the card an if it does, see if it will 
>>repair the card, or even reformat it. This has worked for me in the 
>>past.. Other utilities (like Disk Warrior) may also work.
>>2.Lexar was giving away a recovery program with its larger cards a 
>>few months ago. So was Sandisk. The Sandisk product recognizes my 
>>Lexar card though I have not tried to recover anything.
>>3. If you tried to reformat and then wrote again to the card you 
>>may have obliterated whatver was there before.
>>>I have a 2GB Lexar CF card that I use with my D70.  It has worked 
>>>fine for over a year but today after shooting about 200 JPEG's of 
>>>my son's soccer game, I put the card in the reader and my iMac 
>>>would not recognize the card.  I placed it back in the camera and 
>>>got the message "You Can Not Use This Card."  I tried to reformat 
>>>the card (and obviously lose the images) but it wouldn't let me do 
>>>that either.  Just last night, I downloaded about 100 shots for 
>>>another event and it worked fine.  I understand Lexar has a data 
>>>recovery program  for about $30...anyone ever used it? Or...should 
>>>I just cut my losses and get another CF card?  It appears that the 
>>>CF card is corrupted but I'm not sure.  The card has worked 
>>>flawlessly...two overseas trips and thousands of images.....
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