Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2006/03/27

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Subject: [Leica] arche's PAW 3-26
From: Harvey.Arche at (Arche, Harvey)
Date: Mon Mar 27 15:04:55 2006

Hey Philippe-
Yeah, I'm not real happy with it, but it was the best of a bad shoot. I 
think I needed a sky hook : ) Who was it that always arranged in advance to 
have a ladder available at his assignments, Eisenstadt?
I am much happier about my M3, which came back today from a trip to CRR 
Luton to have the prisms re-cemented. The RF/VF is so bright I think it 
might glow in the dark, but that may be my grin.
Always, thanks for looking and commenting.

>Hi Arche,
>The stack looks like an interesting subject to explore  
>photographically, but I'm not sure that this photo is the best one  
>can do with it.
>It might be one of those cases where stepping in a bit more (or  
>stepping back) would have made it better. Now it's just in between IMO.
>Thanks for showing,
>Op 26-mrt-06, om 23:27 heeft Arche, Harvey het volgende geschreven:
>> The KM scanner software locked up last night, and took PS with it.  
>> It's been a downward spiral since then. It may take a while to cure  
>>and I may get behind on the digests. Before I take drastic  
>> measures, I've put the PAW up (first things first). Outside Sounds  
>> Arche