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Subject: [Leica] Aaron's PAW 10: The Great Outdoors
From: aaron.sandler at (Aaron Sandler)
Date: Sat Mar 11 10:45:32 2006
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Hi Ted,

Thanks for the look, and the compliment.

I agree with this sentiment of yours much of the time...I am frequently 
frustrated by what I see in various photography shows where I'm pretty sure 
the "artist" wouldn't know a focal length from an f/stop.  There's a Holga 
series up in Durham now which I find B-O-R-I-N-G beyond belief.  The fancy 
title for the show doesn't help matters in the slightest.

However, I also know some photographers who have an excellent base in 
traditional photography techniques...people who either make their livings 
as photographers producing work for newspapers, magazines, etc, or who are 
long-time hobbyists with significant technical experience in various 
formats and have done all their own darkroom work for some years...but for 
their personal work they now turn out some amazing photography along the 
"artsy fartsy" line...all mood and shadow and darkness and lightness with a 
healthy dose of blur, along the lines of the striking and hauntingly 
beautiful photo that Walt showed.

It's almost like all those musicians, painters, etc, who spend years 
learning the rules and then move on to break them.  Sometimes the results 
are astounding.  Sometimes not.  Personally, I try sometimes, but I find it 
really hard to make it work....which makes me all the more impressed by 
those who succeed regularly.  To me, those folks' work is among the most 
interesting and evocative photography I've ever's 
version of jazz.


Ted wrote:
>Walt Johnson said & offered:
>> > Love your bamboo. It is all about how we feel at the moment and the
>>other day I felt like this.<
>> ><<<<
>Hi Walt,
>Very interesting "art piece."  It's not too often I'm taken by images of 
>this nature simply because they're quite frankly visual junk by 
>incompetents trying to play artsy fartsy pseudo art photographers,
>But in your case, as with Aaron's "Bamboo pin hole photo" I'm quite taken 
>with both. The operative thing to keep in mind here is selecting the 
>subject that works the most effectively with your methods..
>But for the moment yours is truly a very interesting fine art form. Well 

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