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Subject: [Leica] Re: Couple of E-330 shots -- Naming the Leicapus - Olyca?
From: FELIXMATURANA at (Félix López de Maturana)
Date: Fri Mar 10 06:18:52 2006
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>  So tell me why the need for zillion dollar,
> >zillion pound R glass with convertors that make it impossible to use
> >autofocus and require stop-down metering? I must be missing something.
> 1. Because I already have the R lenses?
> 2. Because some of my stock agencies require at least a 10MP digital 
> camera?
> 3. Because I like the "fingerprint" of R lenses?
> 4. Because I like the bokeh of R lenses?
> 5. Because the Leica R19 is better than any digital wide angle lens.
> 6. Because the Leica R100/Macro is the best macro lens I have.
>  ;-) 
> Those black and whites look great, by the way.
> Ti
Quite  true, but let me say why I use my R lenses in R bodies and my 
Canon lenses in my Canon bodies:

1. Because I love autofocus and auto exposure
2. Because I love going wider than 19mm -14, 15 and 16mm in fact-
3. Because, and this is the true reason, *I'm too lazy*