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Subject: [Leica] Re: DMR mk II ?
From: aaron.sandler at (Aaron Sandler)
Date: Mon Feb 6 08:57:24 2006
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That's interesting to read, Tina.  Yet again, I'm struck by how photography 
at a high level depends less on what most people think of as "photography" 
(exposure, aperture, shutter speed, film, lens, camera, etc, etc, etc) then 
on other factors not immediately obvious as being directly related to 
photography.  Yes, you need to have decent tools and know how to use them, 
be able see the light and find the moment, etc, but a lot of people can 
figure that part the end you can make your photos because of the 
way you relate to your subjects, including the vital part that you invest a 
*week* or more sitting in the corner until you're just part of the scene to 
the families.  It's very similar to the way Doug Herr describes his 
wildlife photography process or Ted describes trying to stay unobtrusive 
while shooting in a medical setting.


>Actually, the digital SLR is almost as quiet as the Leica M, which I used 
>for 20 years.  (All of the photos on my web site are made with the Leica 
>M, by the way.)  If you time the release for when something else is going 
>on, it's not noticeable at all. I spend a week with the families, usually 
>sitting quietly in a corner. I don't do anything to draw attention to 
>myself.  At first they are self-conscious but they gradually go on about 
>their work and literally forget that I'm there.  When I've given them the 
>photos later, they always comment that they had no idea I was taking 
>photos at the time.  The photos that I have when people are looking 
>directly at the camera are usually made the first day that I'm there.  I 
>also take one posed family portrait that I give to each family.

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