Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2006/02/04

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Subject: [Leica] Re: LUG Digest, Vol 31, Issue 244
From: FELIXMATURANA at (Félix López de Maturana)
Date: Sat Feb 4 15:39:25 2006
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>Felix, have you read this thread?  Several commercial
> photographers have posted in this thread who used Canon DSLRs for years -
> all models - and switched to the DMR for its better image quality.


First of all I haven't extensively used the DMR so my judgment of a 
comparative wouldn't be fair at all. Possibly it's an extraordinary 
photographic tool,  more if you are the owner of a big park of R lenses. 
Second I confess last times I'm using regularly Canon equipment and if I 
remain attached to LUG is with the illusion of getting a M digital,  and 
third the true sense of my comment is that brand loyalty joined to 
important investments in equipment may force our judgment towards the 
gear we have  bought. I should love an affordable Leica R digital body 
with my Canons ability for digital image. That's merely my thought and I 
wish not losing any friend in the list for maintaining this idea,.