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Subject: [Leica] Another, ahem, shot at hockey
From: abridge at (Adam Bridge)
Date: Mon Jan 30 22:46:15 2006
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Well I've read Ted's and Nathan's comments and I have to say I'm just
reporting my real-life, real-world experience using the 1Ds Mk II with
both Leica and Canon lenses.

But I think you're making something out of not-much. Maybe I'm the
only guy who used exposure compensation on his R8 to adjust for scenes
like snow where you KNOW the metering is going to be screwed up and
you need to expose up a stop or two. For transparency film it was a
must and it's the same for digital.

Ted are you saying you take your M7 outside, in the snow, and shoot
exactly as the camera suggests? So the snow is at middle grey?

The point I was making in my comment about the difference between the
Leica and the Canon lens is that with identical apertures and shutter
speed I got very different exposures. I could look at the histogram
and know - and I do that when I'm shooting when I don't know or
understand the light: it's a very good light meter!

I've read in other places that Canon plays games with its lenses and
the camera. And I know that using the Leica Telyt 560 that it requires
more light than the camera's metering system would have me believe.

To me that's interesting information and people who use Leica lenses
on Canon bodies, certainly the 1Ds MKII for sure, might want to know
that. It's just information.

Shooting digital you want to push the exposure so your exposure is as
bright as possible without over-saturating one of the colors. Then
when you pull the image in and work in Camera Raw you can pull those
levels down to where they ought to be - you do this in the darkroom
all the time, right? So in the lightroom it's the same.

Anyway - it's not doing anything you don't do on a film camera. Leica
puts in on the R cameras. Just something else to make your pics


On 1/29/06, <> wrote:
> In a message dated 1/28/2006 2:59:55 PM Central Standard Time,
> writes:
> The reports about how the camera's metering system adjusts for the
> lens seems right on. I was setting my exposure compensation up 2 stops
> for the Leica 100 APO but for the Canon the same metering, same
> subject rquired 1 stop compensation. Go figure. Fun with electronics.
> Adamk,
> The first shot is really good from my limited knowlege of the sport.  I
> really like it.
> This stuff about having to mess around with exposure compensation with 
> every
> lens is what is keeping me from getting a Canon or just about any Digital
> DSLR.  Don't know if this is true with Nikons, but then I can't use my R 
> lenses on
> them.  But I would think the lens irrelevant with the Canon as to exposure
> compensation between lenses.  Seems like an awfull lot of fiddling to do 
> before
> you can start shooting.
> Gene
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