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Subject: [Leica] Re: Feli's XTOL
From: abridge at (Adam Bridge)
Date: Tue Nov 29 13:24:33 2005
References: <> <019201c5f521$9d69a700$>

I just have to wonder if there's something else interfering with
things - that there is something in the water Feli is using to dilute
his XTOL solution (which he mixed with either DI or distilled water)
is having an effect on the development.

Looking at the original XTOL data sheet for Tri-X 135 @ 400 diluted 1:1 you 

65 - 8.75
68 - 8.25
75 - 7
80 - 6

Your method of agitation will change these times. The Kodak method,
which requires a darkroom and the addition of the film rolls directly
into the already filled tank and then putting on the top, has a 5-7
inversion cycles in 5 seconds then 30 seconds still and 2-5 cyles of
inversion every 30 seconds after that until the time is complete.

Most of us, for dilute solutions of XTOL (1:3) allow much longer times
especially toward the end of the development cycle. I think I'm safe
in saying this.

Times for 1:1 upwards of 13 minutes seem to imply water temperates of
50 degrees F which seems darn cold for tap water.


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