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Subject: [Leica] Storing prints
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Mon Dec 5 15:57:26 2005
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Peter Dzwig asked:
>>> as a matter of idle interest, are you shipping all your originals to the 
>>> archive
> or are you keeping some copies? What is left to you to remind yourself? 
> Just curious and interested in the process.<<<

Hi Peter,
Everything going to Archives are originals, gone, finito, out of my face! 
:-) Those I feel are useful for giving lectures or a future book are still 
here, lots of ideas for those. ;-)

There are also a number of originals, the "best of 50 years" still here and 
all my medical material from the three books. For now anyway.

Those I don't have the original neg or colour in hand due to a previous 
submission were scanned from original prints. Actually the scans from some 
original B&W prints are quite remarkable as most are scanned from 11X14 
prints and all I can says is... "Thank heavens for Leica glass and well made 
prints from 30 to 50 years ago." ;-) As new digital prints made from these 
scans are difficult to tell whether they're from negs or prints.  Obviously 
not all, but many are so damn sharp and reproduced so well, it's hard to 
tell a print or negative scan! Honest. :-)

Then burned to CD. Or shortly transferred to DVD. Many of these can be used 
for lectures as I have slides produced for presentations. I'm still not 
completely knocked out with digital projected images. Or let's say I'm from 
the farm, so prove it's quality is as good or better compared to a slide, 
B&W or colour.

And my final book, "Real Photographers Shoot B&W. some times colour." is in 
the final prep stage. It will happen because I'm not going until I have a 
signed contract to the fact. ;-) As the stories and pictures have been run 
by many many photographers, pros and amateur and it's the same re-action... 
"this has to be a book!"  We shall see! :-) OK maybe after I'm horizontal 
and non-breathing. ;-) You know , "we remember him when" ;-)

Also the production of a DVD teaching disk using the same material. ;-) All 
I have to do is stay vertical and breathing for a short time yet as I have a 
few groups on my case to do a lecture thing. :-) Damn it's nice to be wanted 
by fellow photographers. :-)

I trust this answers your questions ;-)

Ted Grant Photography Limited
1817 Feltham Road
Victoria BC  V8N 2A4

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